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Batteries have become an essential part of our daily life. Every electronic device that you own runs on some form of a cell. But what happens when one of them expires? The answer is quite simple; you replace it with another battery. Here comes the real question: What happens to the old battery once it is replaced by a new one? Most people are ignorant of the impact batteries have on the environment and don’t understand the importance of battery recycling. This is why they throw their old and nonfunctional batteries into their regular garbage. Little do they know there are hundreds of harmful impacts caused by that useless battery!

Surprising, isn’t it? Something that no longer works has the power to cause numerous problems for the environment and all living things. The reason behind this is the fact that batteries are composed of many different materials. Let us take a look at some of those.

Components of a Battery

Batteries are made of different metals such as lithium, cadmium, nickel, lead, and iron. Some of these are heavy metals, which mean they are not fully decomposed. Instead, when they are released into the environment, they cause it harm.

Everyone is aware that batteries contain acids and salts inside the cell. If the packaging of the battery is damaged, the acids and salts seep out into the land. They kill all the life surrounding the region, for example, plants, bacteria, and microbes. Moreover, if these acids and salts end up in the nearby water sources, they turn the water toxic and poisonous.

Safe Disposal of Batteries

When it comes to throwing away old batteries, it is best to take them to a nearby recycling center. The State of Wisconsin is aware of the harmful impacts a battery creates on the environment. Therefore, they have made it illegal for anyone to throw out batteries in regular garbage. If you have a set of recyclable batteries in your home it is best to hand them over to a battery recycling center. This way, you prevent them from harming the environment and save a lot of resources as well!


Battery Types

Lithium Ion

Lithium Primary


Nickel Cadmium (Dry and Wet)

Nickel Metal Hydride (Dry and Wet)

SLA’s (All sizes)

Cell Phone


Battery Backup

Powertool Packs

When processing is complete, we issue your company a Certificate of Recycling that verifies proper disposal.


Battery Types

Recycling Services

We offer recycling solutions for a broad range of electronic and computer-related products.

Wisconsin Battery Recycling Services

Recycle Technologies is one of the authorized recycling outlets in Wisconsin. At Recycle Technologies, we understand that recycling batteries is a bit of a hassle, especially for large organizations. Dumping a large number of batteries is nothing but a headache in most cases. For this reason, we offer pickup services to our clients.

Our clients can rest assured because we accept all kinds of batteries. We have numerous recycling experts on our team whose sole purpose is to monitor and distinguish between the different types of batteries out there. Each battery is sorted into categories to ensure each is recycled securely and as thoroughly possible. 

Standard procedures and protocols set by the State of Wisconsin are implemented while recycling any battery. We accept all kinds of batteries including those found in cars, laptops, mobile phones, and laptops.

Do not forget: batteries thrown on the pavements or in the regular garbage are not recycled in any scenario. It is vital to hand them over to an organization for recycling purposes. 

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We offer recycling solutions for a broad range of electronic and computer related products.

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