Lydia Keith | CEO

Lydia Keith took on the role of CEO at Recycle Technologies, Inc. in April of 2020. A native Minnesotan and lifelong resident, she grew up in rural central Minnesota with an appreciation for responsible living, hands-on work, and personal accountability; three aspects necessary to successful recycling and environmental preservation.

The first part of her business career was spent in International Freight Forwarding and she has extensive experience in problem solving, logistics and customer relations-skills that have transferred readily to the world of recycling.

Lydia graduated from Bethel University with a BA in Theatre Arts and spent over a decade working as a freelance artist in the Twin Cities.  An actor since middle school, her creative side has always had a chance to flourish, but it took a career in shipping to discover how much she loves the strategic part of her personality as well. The combination of logical comprehension and creative thinking has been a tremendous asset on stage and in the office.

Lydia lives in Woodbury, MN with her family.

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