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Recycling solutions for a broad range of electronic & computer related products.
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Electronic Recycling to Feel Good About

Each year, over 20 million tons of electronics are thrown out worldwide and unfortunately, much of it ends up in garbage dumps or hazardous waste landfills. At Recycle Technologies our goal is to not only increase the amount of recycling in our community, but to responsibly recycle each part of any electronic device so nothing ends up in a landfill. By doing this we are not only protecting our environment, but are removing any future environmental liability for your business.

Electronics are reduced to their base materials of plastic, wire, circuit boards, metals and glass.

Plastic and wires are shredded and shipped to molders and smelters. Monitors are decontaminated (Lead removed) and recycled.

No liability is generated when 100% is recycled.

Electronics Recycling Events

Everyday is Earth Day

Let us help you plan your next corporate, city or residential Electronic Recycling Event. The perfect incentive for prospective tenants or Earth Day event! By law ALL businesses and residents are mandated to recycle their electronics, they cannot be thrown away.

Call or email today for more information on how to schedule your event!

Electronics we accept

Fax Machines, Printers,
Scanners, Copiers,
Televisions (no restrictions)
Cell Phones, Keyboards, Cables, Mice
& more…

If it has a battery, cable, cord or keyboard it should be recycled.
When in doubt, please recycle all electronics!

Recycling Services

We offer recycling solutions for a broad range of electronic and computer-related products.

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Fluorescent lightbulbs, electronics, computers, ballasts, batteries and more! Recycling your e-scrap has never been easier. Just click on the button below to request a pickup.


Mail-In Program

Simple Pac is the easiest way to recycle your bulbs in small quantities! We set you up with a recycling process that makes Responsible bulb disposal as easy as habit!


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We offer recycling solutions for a broad range of electronic and computer related products.

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