Additional Recycling Services

Additional Recycling ServicesWhat do we take? What do we do with it?

Mercury Containing Devices

  • Mercury devices are collected in 55-gallon drums and sent to a reclamation facility
  • At this facility the mercury containing ampoules (vessels) are removed, retorted and distilled.
  • Mercury is recycled and put to further use in product and industrial applications
  • This specialized process eliminates generator liability.

Recycle Technologies = safe decontamination solutions

Non-Hazardous Industrial Waste

  • Non-Hazardous waste is properly identified, collected and sent to an EPA Approved incineration facility
  • At this facility, the waste is safely incinerated
  • This process eliminates the generator’s future liability.

Types of Absorbents accepted include:       

  • Corncob Fracture
  • Polypropylene (plastics, pads, booms, socks, rolls)
  • Wood Chips
  • Clay-Based materials
  • Inert Absorbent Materials (“kitty litter,” Flor-Dri)
  • Diatomaceous Earth

    Recycle Technologies = effective elimination of liability

Heating and A/C Units Recycled (MN Only)

  • Recycle Technologies is certified by the Esco Institute to recover all refrigerants and oils from heating and air conditioning units (including roof top units).
  • All control systems (capacitors, motors, compressors, oils, plastics and metallic parts) are separated and sold to the recycling markets. Nothing is land-filled.

Recycle Technologies = 100% reintegration strategies

When processing is complete, we issue your company a Certificate of Recycling that verifies proper disposal.

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Recycling Services

We offer recycling solutions for a broad range of electronic and computer related products.

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